Managed Print Services

A growing number of organizations are learning how to get the most out of their imaging and printing investments. They are taking a more strategic approach to acquiring, managing, securing, supporting and disposing of the assets involved in printing, copying, scanning and faxing so they can “Get on wit IT”. They have right-sized printer fleets, refreshed copiers with multifunction devices (MFDs), educated end users and embraced networking technologies.

Willowdale IT Solutions works with organizations to help them realize the full benefits of optimizing their infrastructure and managing it over time. Our Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions packages show that establishing governance structures and documenting print policies early in the process increases the likelihood of end-user adoption and long-term success.

The ability to adjust to evolving business conditions must be accounted for from day one. Willowdale IT Solutions will provide print policies support the business by defining a set of guidelines that end users can understand, follow and adapt to. Additionally they allow management to set clear goals for measuring and communicating progress. Below are some of the many business benefits:

PC repairs computer repair Michigan Significant cost savings from printer consolidation of previous 1:1 employee-to-printer ratio to approximately 12:1
PC repairs computer repair Michigan Education Services training instructors helped clients use and adopt new print features and functionality
PC repairs computer repair Michigan Integrated new capabilities within SAP deployment leveraging Output Server
PC repairs computer repair Michigan Executive sponsorship from the top of management chain for positive change management
PC repairs computer repair Michigan  Technology enables immediate and continued workflow improvements such as scan-to-e-mail
PC repairs computer repair Michigan Electronic Expense Management