Pricing & Duration Estimates


Residential IT Services
Same Day In-Home Support
Live Phone Technical support with a certified technician $25/15 min
4 hour or less rapid response (on site) $200/hr first hour $100 each additional
8 hour or less express response (on site) $150/hr first hour $100 each additional
Ship and fix 48 hour response (Ship via Courier) $100 hr
Notebook Loaner program Free with  on site repair
Estimated Duration
Power supply testing and/or replacement 1hr
Laptop battery testing and/or replacement 1hr
Motherboard testing, repair 1-2hr
Upgrades and/or replacement 1hr
Data recovery, data Transfer, hard drive repair and/or replacement (Depending on Data Load) 1-8hr
Virus, spyware, trojan, worm and adware identification and removal 1-3hr
Windows and Apple operating system repair and/or re-installation 1-3hr
Memory (RAM) replacement and upgrades 1hr
Case replacement and/or system migration 2-4hr
CPU upgrades 1-2hr
Cooling enhancement 1-2hr
Disposal/Recycling of old equipment (Depending on items) 0.25-$1/pound
In wall wired STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) wiring Cat5e/Cat6e $1/Foot
Wireless/Wired Network Setup (Set up, configure and secure your router) 1-2hr
Home V.O.I.P. and Webcam setup services 1-2hr
Network Firewall Setup (Secure network) 1-2hr
Install networking adapter on devices 1-2hr
 Enable sharing of files, printers and media  – Media Center/Blue Ray/Smart Televisions 1-4hr
Home Audio/Theater
Unpack & set up TV 1hr
Install wall bracket and mount TV 1hr
Conceal wires in a wall (excl. power cord) included
Connect, configure audio & video components included
Neatly dress exposed wires included
Position speakers to operate to 7.1 system included
Mount speakers w/ customer-supplied mounts 1hr
Mount soundbar and hide appropriate wires 1hr
Verify speakers properly positioned 1/2hr
Program TV or cable/satellite remote included
Educational demonstration of new system included
Clean up and remove packaging included
Disposal/Recycling of old television $50-100
SMB/Enterprise Sector Services
A+ Certified field Technician 8hr $400
 A+ Certified field Technician (5 Business days) 8hr x 5 $1500
Monthly Service Contract 1 year (includes 4 x 8hr Days) 8hr x 4 $1300
Services Available
Active Directory services Contact us
Archived and backup services Contact us
Asset management/Tagging Contact us
Business continuity planning Contact us
Cloud Computing services Contact us
Database Serve Installation Contact us
Data recovery (HD/Software Repair) Contact us
Disaster recovery services Contact us
Email Archiving services Contact us
Email Server Installation Contact us
Hardware/Refresh deployment services Contact us
Hardware/Software Maintenance Contact us
Messaging & Mobile collaboration Contact us
Managed Print services Contact us
Network security solutions Contact us
Network / Internet / Intranet / Extranet / LAN / WAN Support Contact us
Project & consulting services Contact us
Relocation services Contact us
Security Camera solutions Contact us
Server file optimizations Contact us
Server Migration & Storage consolidation Contact us
Site Survey Services Contact us
Software License Consulting (VLK) Contact us
Software restoration/re-installation of network operating systems, major applications Contact us
Structured cabling services Contact us
Theft analysis Contact us
Volume licensing compliance (Microsoft) Contact us
Web Server Installation Contact us
Wireless optimization Contact us
Wired/Wireless solutions Contact us

Ship & Fix “Get on with IT!”


Easy as 1-2-3

1 Contact Willowdale IT Solutions via phone/email with a brief description of the issue and urgency. Once received Willowdale IT Solutions will call to confirm your address and desired courier. Once confirmed they send out a prepaid courier waybill via email.


2When you have received the prepaid waybill, simply tape it to the shipping box and call the chosen courier and schedule a pick up. Upon delivery, Willowdale IT staff would take position of your assets and advise what would be required to repair the item in question.


3Willowdale IT Solution technicians will repair/test the equipment in our static free labs and compile a detailed health report. Once the item is tested 100% you will be contacted to confirm the delivery address one last time before the equipment is returned.

How To Pay

Willowdale IT Solutions has strategically chosen its financial partners to provide fast, flexible and secure service when receiving payment. We accept cash, certified bank check, wire transfer and of course Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Willowdale IT Solutions has implemented in house security measures to ensure your privacy is protected as well as your data.

Choose the method that’s most convenient for you.

Terms of Service
Home Users

Home users have the option of paying cash, certified bank check, wire transfer and of course Credit Card. Customers can take advantage of our Mobile Point of Sale Payment methods which can bill and on process onsite immediately.

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Business Users
Businesses also have the option of paying cash, certified bank check, wire transfer and  Credit Card in addition Businesses can apply for Net-terms.
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